Our Why and Statistics

People without food, shelter and support are desperate. It is not only cruel to ignore them but also dangerous. Creating desperate outcasts who we write off as helpless is how we brew the sad scenarios, what you would call our “BAD” news reports filtered out to the world daily. Society writes these individuals off and moves forward without thinking that maybe we could get to them sooner. It’s time to get to these individuals sooner and families and society as a whole now have a vehicle that will provide a second chance and in return give their children a fighting chance. MCFC is devoted to stretching our arms out to embrace those who do not understand the path, who may have fallen off the path, and who genuinely do not have anyone to realign them into forward progress. MCFC is going to care about the lost and provide a vehicle where they can find themselves and their self worth once again. The money raised by MCFC is immediately put to work helping a family that cannot otherwise help themselves.  Generous donations are giving people without opportunity the ability to hurdle the challenges faced in order to gain the structure and confidence to move mountains and pave a path for the children: the next generation; our future.

  • As of 3/3/15 there were approx 4,500 families with children utilizing emergency assistance shelter. 1,419 of these families were being sheltered in motels.

  • During fiscal year 2014, over 6,000 families were assisted out of 13,000 families who applied so less than 50% of families are being helped in MA. 

  • ESE* estimates that there are over 37,000 students of all ages experiencing homelessness who are enrolled in Massachusetts public schools.

  • Homelessness has doubled since 1990.

  • ​42 Million women are on the brink of poverty due to the workplace environment making them choose between their children and their job. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/20/opinion/sunday/a-toxic-work-world.html


​​​​Our Mission

Make Change for Change (“MCFC”), is a 501(c)3 public charity geared towards Erasing Homelessness. We believe the children are the foundation of our future and therefore we must help those who cannot otherwise help themselves. We want to provide parents with a second chance so that they can give their children a strong first chance. Taking away the pressures, stresses and feelings of inadequacy parents face when they struggle to provide their children with the bare essentials, makes it nearly impossible for them to strive forward and do the things that need to be done to be sufficient care takers. Ultimately, we want to enable our world to continue being built by strong families not broken families. Children belong with their parents and parents with their children. With that said, our first and foremost goal is to help provide permanent housing.

50% of our homeless are Veterans fighting PTSD or injuries from war. 30% is made up of Women & Children who are fleeing an abusive situation. 20% are the Elderly and Developmentally Challenged. However, in most of these cases, mental illness plays a large role as the seed and precursor to terrible epidemics such as homelessness and addiction. 

Veterans come home but the PTSD continues their feeling of impending doom and riddles their lives with anxiety and depression which unfortunately ends in suicide for many. Addiction in many cases is the result of self medicating. Again a GOOD individual who is torn apart by anxiety until their options are to die or escape into the evil claws of addiction. Men, Women & Children are all affected by mental illness and make up such a huge percentage of the homeless, addicted, suicidal in our world. 

Our mission is comprised of 3 umbrellas: 

HOPE - To provide HOPE we created the “Backpack Brigade” which provides the homeless with the basic essentials such as a warm blanket, flashlight, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and more! Your tax deductible donation goes towards the purchase of these kits.

HELP - Believe it or not there are homeless individuals who are entitled to social security benefits, unclaimed pensions and state benefits such as food and medical insurance. By building trust, we will bridge the administrative process to get them back on their feet. We provide HELP! 

HOMES - Your tax deductible donation goes into the MCFC housing fund to buy the first housing project. This will allow us to ultimately bring the homeless to a warm bed thus providing a HOME.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Please....Step up and donate to HELP Erase Homelessness and HELP those who cannot otherwise help themselves.

  • PLEASE DONATE NOW http://www.gofundme.com/mcfc2500